Salad Nests With Watermelon Radishes


An easy and adorable addition to your next gathering, these salad nests add a touch of creativity and fun to your table. Simply place smaller leaves inside of larger ones to form a flowering nest of either iceberg or romaine lettuce. Carefully, and strategically, insert a poached egg to the center of the nest. We’ve found adding a tiny bit of vinegar to the water before you poach it keeps the egg from dissolving. Bring the water to a boil and then lower the temperature so the water stays very hot but is not boiling before you lower your egg in to achieve a successful poach. Serve it with a sprig of dill and high quality sea salt on top and shaved watermelon radishes along the edge for color. You can splash the whole thing with vinegar and olive oil or lemon juice, or you can allow your guests to choose a more exotic dressing that is served on the side. That’s it: simple, fresh, and easy. Happy eating!


Photo Credit: Melita Fiore

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