4 Reasons Why Apple Cider Vinegar is Magic

apple-cider-vinegar-bottlesApple cider vinegar has been used for a very long time to treat a wide-ranging number of problems. Properties found within the vinegar act to fight certain harmful bacteria that induce various issues, from bad smells, growths, acne, and fatigue – just to name a few. The most amazing thing about apple cider vinegar is that it can easily be added to your diet, making your meals taste better (instead of worse) making it one of the worlds most magical medicines. Here are a list of a few things it can be used to treat:


  1. Skin Problems: Apple cider vinegar disinfects and soothes the skin without being toxic and caustic. This means that it can be used as a toner dabbed on the skin to help combat the bacteria that causes acne. It can also be used to fight off candida a very common skin fungus, this can be applied directly to the skin or added to bath. It is also a common treatment for fungal infections that can grow in between toes causing Athlete’s Foot. External application in addition to regular consumption can lessen the severity and strength of the bacteria and fungus that adheres to skin. It is also used to help sun burnt skin as well as healing scars.
  2. Odor Eliminator: Many foul odors are actually a byproduct of bacterial and fungal growth. Since apple cider vinegar fights that, the end result is the neutralizing of bad smells. To fight bad breath swish a little in your mouth to kill bacteria on your tongue in the morning. You can also experiment with using it as a natural deodorant, dabbing it on your underarms to kill bacteria. The vinegar smell dissipates once it dries. You can spritz diluted essential oils on top of that to make a more pleasant smell. If you are trying to eliminate toxins from your daily life this is a great alternative to typical store-bought antiperspirants. You can also place an open cup full of it in any room with a strange smell. Instead of masking the order, the vinegar slowly neutralizes the bacteria that causes it.
  3. Cleaner: Our homes are covered in bacteria, it’s a pretty disgusting truth. But as long as we have control over things it doesn’t get out of hand. While many people use bleach or various other toxic cleaners, apple cider vinegar is just as good at clearing away dangerous bacteria with out all the harmful consequences that build up over time. Add vinegar and water together in a spritz bottle and use it to disinfect table tops, sinks, bathrooms anything you’d like. Again, the scent usually disappears upon drying (although I think it just smells like a nice salad) but if you would like you can infuse the mixture with essential oils you enjoy like lemon or lavender Or you can burn some incense or choice as you clean.
  4. Detoxify: Enzymes found within apple cider vinegar help to break down cholesterol which can clog inside of arteries causing a host of problems including heart attacks. As this cholesterol dissolves it improves blood flow and clears away toxins in the liver and throughout the body. It also neutralizes bacteria and balances Ph levels in the gut and can reduce heartburn. Apple cider vinegar is also known to kick mucus out of your system, which is great for fight off colds, and sore throats, as well as helping people with asthma that is formed by mucus build up.


apple-cider-vinegar-cupTo add more apple cider vinegar to their diet, many people swear by adding one or two tablespoons to a big glass of water and having that at least once a day. If it is too tangy for you, start with less and increase the volume until you develop a taste for it. Remember when you first tried coffee and how bitter it was? Similarly, vinegar water is something you develop a taste for. You can also add honey or fruit juice to is to make it sweeter. Look at interesting cocktail recipes for inspiration. Would you enjoy it more with sparkling pineapple juice added to it? Why NOT serve it with a tiny umbrella?? How about if you added it to an apple cider and cinnamon smoothie with a little caramel on top? Get creative, be playful, and have fun.

It’s so unbelievably easy to add to your meals and usually very enjoyable. You can add some extra fresh vinegar, garlic and honey to your BBQ sauce to make it taste more alive and fresh, or add a teaspoon to your next soup or salad. Toss a little on your next batch of potatoes with some course sea salt and pepper. Experiment with when, where, and how you like it. Definitely do not force yourself to pound vinegar shots under the pretense of seeking health! It’s just too harsh on your system and there are a million excellent and delicious recipes that make use of apple cider vinegar in a way that turns medicine into bliss.

Basically, use apple cider vinegar to magically get rid of a number of problems, both externally and internally on a daily basis. The effects do not happen over night though. Make sure you add it to your regular daily routine and watch how things improve over the following weeks. If you have any serious conditions always ask advice from a trained professional, however these remedies are time-tested and you should see great improvements in your overall health and well-being.

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