end girl hate

Yes to this! More love. ❤

the freckled souls

I have noticed–and I’m sure you have too–girls are mean to girls. It seems that in this generation girls are so quick to judge one another. (this does not just apply to one certain age group). Let me help you understand exactly what some girl hate might sound like…

“Ok, what the hell is she wearing?” “Did you hear she’s slutting it up around college?” “That girl is such a bitch” “She is so annoying, I can’t stand hearing her talk” “Her nose is huge and she has like no ass”. 

At first I was going to censor these, or maybe just tone it down a little bit for the sake of the blog. But then I thought to myself–no. These are real words and phrases I hear from girls about other girls. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my fair share of partaking in gossip when I shouldn’t and…

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