DIY Hanging Wall Garden

Wall gardens are a lot easier to set up than you might think and they take up very little space, which is so important in an urban setting. You could even build one of these indoors to keep it thriving in the winter months, if you have a sunny wall that isn’t in use. Fresh veggies taste better, save you money, purify the air, beautify your living space, and gardening is an incredible way to beat stress. Planting and caring for your garden (flowers or veggies) helps take your mind off things, clear your head, and be more in the moment and appreciative.

Here’s an easy to follow video showing you how it is done. You’d be surprised at how helpful the guys at Home Depot (or your local hardware and gardening store) are if you have nuts and bolts questions about setting this up. Don’t be too afraid to ask for help!

Once you set one up, maybe you can encourage your town to build some public ones full of free veggies for anyone to pick. Imagine how cool that would be if our buildings were climbing with romaine! 🙂




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