F*ck That: Guided Meditation

Sometimes life gets so strange that the only way to respond is to say: “f*ck that!” It’s an expression typically coupled with anger and frustration. Here’s a funny video of a guided meditation finding the zen of saying: “f*ck that.” It’sΒ silly , but also a great reminder of how to just deal with life.

I hope it makes you laugh too. It obviously contains adult language so be conscious of your surroundingsΒ when you play it.


Humor is such a magical tool for staying sane and upbeat no matter what life throws at you. How are you getting enough humor in your life? Friends, family, a certain T.V. show? be conscious of what a health tool it really is the next time your find yourself in a tense situation.



You can also check this list of ways to stay calm in moments of chaos.


Namaste :p


54 thoughts on “F*ck That: Guided Meditation

  1. Ivana says:

    So funny, thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

    Hi there, my name is Ivana. With the stress and so many things happening around us, it’s hard to find a balance and embrace the moment. For me, the thing that centers me the most is good music, so I would like to share some with you in the hopes it will help you find your inner peace: https://soundcloud.com/xumbalu/sets/sounds-of-gouni-the-journey-pt-1

    This truly isn’t just for the sake of promotion, but being involved in the process of sharing the β€œzen” we all need in our life. With that said, it would really mean a lot to hear your thoughts about our sound and to help us achieve our mission by sharing this link.
    Also, for any questions, feel free to contact me on ivana@xumbalu.de

    Kind regards

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  2. glosue says:

    OMG, that is so me! And so hilarious! I can’t stop laughing. I probably say that at least 100 times per day. Now I will always think of this meditation when I do. This is my kind of meditation! Thank you for the laugh for sure!

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  3. After Awakening says:

    Enlightenment….the holy way, secret path doctrine of the highest initiation only given to special chelas…..’The Four Fs.mantra’…the f*ckin f*cker is f*ckin f*cked. The only path to Imperfectly perfect c**tish bliss.

    That was a f*ckin great post. πŸ™‚

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  4. caregivertoall says:

    Me and a girl I worked with used to play this every once in a while in our office. Three-ring shit show. Love it!! I actually saved it so I could pull it up when I needed to “breathe out bull-shit”!!


  5. mmpmagicmodernizationproject says:

    This video is what drew me to the omprojectblog, along with the word “project.”
    The video is meant to be funny, and it is. But there is also a sense of rejoicing in the venom, of clinging to bad vibes and learning to enjoy them somehow.Maybe it works for body-focused Hatha, but there is a deviation from the Raja Yoga path to purity of mind I follow.We all know we are supposed to avoid negativity if we want to have balanced minds.
    I should know, I am trying to train myself to express myself without cursing and making profane observations. Especially in front of the kids, ya know? I am fucking so failing absolutely miserably and you know what? I don’t really give a shit!. Maybe it’s the first part of that path to purity of mind.That, and this goddam Brahmacarya.


    • omprojectblog says:

      This gave me a good laugh – project is all the rage these days. I could say something about embracing every emotion on the path here, but I’ll just let you enjoy the day. πŸ™‚


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