Eat The Rainbow

An easy health tip to keep in mind is to always be conscious of eating the rainbow. Frequently, color variation is sign of what nutrients are hidden inside of each fruit and veggie. Bright purples, bold oranges, and enticing reds catch our attention in part because we are genetically designed to be drawn to the fruits and want to eat ALL of them.

When you close your eyes, what color do you see? What fruit or natural food comes to mind? You might be craving a specific vitamin that is found in that particular food. Our bodies are a lot smarter than our brains, once you know how to pay attention to real cravings. When you clean up your diet, ridding it of fake fats, chemicals, heavy salts, highly processed sugars, etc. your body learns how to express what it needs through those healthy cravings.

When your body craves limes it feels really different than when your brain wants fatty fried foods, doesn’t it? It’s more of a thought in your head, an experience and sensation craving rather than a cellular desire or need.

Connect to your heart, breath deeply, and envision what would be nourishing to your body in this very moment. What fruit or veggie would make you smile to eat? Is it something you haven’t had in years? Or something you never tried before but feel drawn to for one reason or another?


Take a good look at this picture and think about what jumps out to you. Whatever it is, that is exactly what you need.

Think about what color you don’t get enough of and how to add it to your daily plant-based meals. Colorful herbs and spices count too. Maybe when you close your eyes an image of guacamole on toast comes to mind because your body actually needs the magical cleansing properties only found in garlic, or you thought of eating hummus with red pepper chips without even knowing how good chickpeas really are for you.

Whatever it is, listen to what your body has to say. Honor the wisdom found within your body and engage in more activities that help you connect to that more honest, egoless inner voice that somehow just knows exactly what you need.

Let us know what fruit or veg you thought of in the comments below.


10 thoughts on “Eat The Rainbow

  1. eatinggreenonline says:

    Gorgeous photo! And food should be gorgeous. I try to eat a rainbow of fruits first thing in the morning, and a rainbow of veggies (with a tempting dip) every afternoon. I enjoy my food so much more than when I was eating brown, processed junk.


  2. TwinkleTwinkleLittleMom says:

    The first veggie that comes to mind is beets. I absolutely love the way it makes me feel. Also, lemon for alkalizing and detoxing. Can’t live without those two. What do you recommend for those who drink too much coffee? I know it depletes a lot of nutrients. Thanks!


    • omprojectblog says:

      Sometimes I over do it with coffee too, it’s so good! With all things I try to find balance, so for how many cups of coffee I drink I try to consciously hydrate with something to balance it out like coconut water. Try out diff kinds of tea to sip instead if you are really just hooked on sipping some warm beverage, a lot of people swear by warm water with lemon in the am. Sometimes it’s just about shifting the habit over about 30 days until it sticks and becomes your new favorite thing. For energy try a quick yoga flow stretch first and some fresh air to see if that does it for you instead. Also try out Dandi blend which tastes a lot like coffee but is made of roasted dandelions. I love it. Gives you a little energy with no jitters and totally satisfies that craving. Also straight unsweetened cacao stirred into hot water is a nice coffee alternative with antioxidants and other nutrients. I’m also all about making a big batch of almond milk sweetened with dates (so easy) and using that instead of cream & sugar. xo

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    • omprojectblog says:

      One more thought for you – sweeten your coffee with molasses. It has tons of nutrients like B vitamins and iron etc. which are so important for keeping your brain from getting foggy especially during that time of the month. Molasses has a pretty strong flavor so experiment with adding almond milk and maybe some cinnamon (whatever ends up working for you flavor wise) Again def check out Dandy Blend though and drinking hot water with cacao those are my top alternative coffees. This was such a good question I might end up turning it into a post. Thanks! 🙂 xo

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