Good Night Yoga

Have you ever tried to teach kids yoga before? This is a really cute book geared towards teaching the little ones how to do the same poses the big kids are doing. The  illustrations are bright and cheerful and the descriptions are clear and cute.

It honestly is a fun book to have out to inspire a little movement even if you are just a big kid trying to get yourself to be more active. I’ve found that I lot of books that are teaching kids how to do things are an easier and more fun way to get started on a subject even as an adult, so keep that in mind the next time you think of learning something new, like a language or maybe even computer code. Yoga can seem intimidating because of the very advanced poses, but the basics are as easy as going for a walk and exponentially good for your health and happiness.

It’s good to get kids started down a path that celebrates healthy habits early on, like a little yoga session just before bed, as this book does.

Check it out and let us know how your kids (or neighbor’s kids) liked it.




And if you end up enjoying Good Night Yoga you might also want to check out the sequel to it Good Morning Yoga which teaches a morning practice instead of a bed time one. This can be especially helpful for kids with ADHD or anxiety problems that are impacting them in their abilities to thrive at school. Adding a little yoga and cutting way back on sugar can really help with keeping kids calm enough to focus and get the grades they really are smart enough to achieve and be proud of. Feel free to leave your thoughts and experience on this in the comments below, with the book and with how yoga and nutrition impacts kids. We’d love to know what you think! 🙂





4 thoughts on “Good Night Yoga

  1. chhaya17 says:

    I remember how I used to struggle with the yoga postures as a kid! we used to watch Baba Ramdev yoga videos then…my parents used to teach me separately since I used to lag behind every time. I wish we had this in our time 😀

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  2. rosieswrapsnz says:

    I struggled with yoga and then I took a ballet class. Now I actually love it and reading this is something else to test!!


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