Confetti That Plants Flowers

Imagine if all that confetti blowing around at concerts, weddings, and parties were made of something good for the Earth instead of little plastic bits that get thrown away in giant plastic bags just a few hours later. Oh wait, they make that now.

Not only does it exist, it comes in almost any color and style you could imagine. Mind = blown. My favorite is the tiny hearts with tiny flower petals dried into it, but they have hearts in pink, red, green, blue… you name it. They also have adorable multi-color hearts that would be a perfect way to celebrate a kid’s b-day.

Of course, it’s the bride’s decision what her wedding will look like and what confetti she’ll use (unless she has a crazy mother-in-law that takes over every micro-decision) so def spread the word to friends about these cute alternatives or add it to your next celebration. New years isn’t that far away…


But the biggest consumer of confetti are those big concert halls. I’m all for a big show now and again. The whole living in caves with candles thing is boring – but having fun doesn’t have to be so toxic. If you feel like adding a little good karma to your day, consider shooting an easy 10-minute email to your nearest or favorite concert hall letting them know you’d support them switching to tiny flower planting heart shaped confetti instead, because nature rocks. 😛




15 thoughts on “Confetti That Plants Flowers

  1. Wheat Wanderings says:

    Every time the boyfriend buys us flowers, dry the flowers and keep them as confetti. I think lavender and lantern flowers are beautiful and natural confetti. Plant seeds and spices too come in different size and colors. Japanese people throw salt to ward off evil. Instead of getting angry at rude people, just throw salt at them 😀

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