Have you Joined The Yoga Club?

It sounds really fancy and exclusive, but actually it’s open for anyone and everyone to join – it’s still fancy though, kind of. 😛  This is a fun gift to get for yourself, maybe as a way to keep you motivated and feel rewarded for staying on track with your goals or to remind you of the person you are trying to become. If you join, each month an adorably pink box will be sent to your home with a fresh yoga outfit. It’s easy to customize if you want something with crazy fun colors, or more chill in stripes and solids. It’s also easy to change your mind month to month if you like solids in winter and bright patterns in the summer (like me).

 This is the link if you’d like to get started.

You can see more of what the experience is like in the video below.

I just think it’s a fun idea and a great way to remind yourself that you are awesome and deserve some great stuff that makes you look and feel good. It also has this exciting night before Christmas feel because you don’t know what’s coming each month. If anything sucks (unlikely) it’s easy to send it back for another item too – if you’re scared of that. But they choose some great brands like Teeki and Free People that tend to have nice fabrics and cool, livable artsy designs.

I like how most of my yoga gear is just my regular day gear too. Stretchy pants and light workout tops are easy breezy comfy and pretty put together for going to get groceries or hang out with friends. Even if it is just a way to get you to stick to your workout routine it’s worth it, but as general life gear it works. Yoga pants make great mountain biking pants or kayaking pants or hiking pants or chilling with your friends at a BBQ pants – I think you get what I mean here. They should just be called awesome pants.

So yeah, have a look at Yoga Club and see if it’s just the kind of thing that would make your month again, and again, and again. 🙂

~Love and Light ~

9 thoughts on “Have you Joined The Yoga Club?

  1. The Album says:

    Took a Yoga class in college and I was surprised how much it benefitted me. I ran, swam, lifted weights and Yoga kicked my butt haha! Helped loosen muscles and I really enjoyed the meditation portion at the end. Have a newfound respect for Yoga and those who truly make it their passion!

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