Mind Your Own Bee’s Wrap

I’m always on the hunt for easy, fun ways to be a slightly better human. One such way is cutting back on single use plastic. It just ends up in the trash a few days later and is trashing the planet for basically ever – totally not awesome. Cling wrap makes life convenient by covering food up so that it does not oxidize as rapidly, thusly keeping it fresh. It also protects your food from flies landing on it or stray hands wanting to touch it. But cling wrap is not the only way to achieve this goal. Bee’s Wrap is fabric coated in bee’s wax which makes the fabric firm, pliable, and water resistant. Wax has an almost plastic quality to it and it’s mildly grippy, so when you wrap the fabric around a half of a lemon, your sandwich, or an avocado it retains it shape and protects what is inside. The fabric has a lot of give to it while it is capable of retaining it’s shape. It’s pretty cool.


The texture felt a little strange and first and then I was really into how well it worked. The heat in you hands helps it ever so slightly melt into place, so rub it a tiny bit if it’s not really bending the way you want. Say for example you’d like it to fit around a bowl, just rub the edge a few times with your palm and it should mold more effectively. When you’re done with it, stretch it back out to flat and give it a good rinse in hot soapy water and it’s good to go for it’s next use. The sheets will last you for many, many uses. However, years later when the time comes to get rid of them because of the inevitable rips and stains of daily use, they are completely biodegradable since they are made out of natural materials, fiber and wax. Very awesome.


It comes in a few sizes and colors. You can get it in white but I honestly don’t recommend it. I found that over time it stained ever so slightly with just a hint of yellow or red from pomegranates or turmeric and looked a little manky and worn in. The patterns keep a fresher look longer and I like them more to begin with any way.


My two favoritea are the blue stripe and pink flowers; they both look fresh and a beachy-chill kind of preppy, just really clean and sweet looking.


The yellow honeycomb print (which is their main design) is fine, but I think it could have been done in a cuter more playful way, like a brighter yellow with adorable bees on it. Get it if you like it, but it’s not really speaking to me the way the blue and pink do. You can grab their large multi pack if you are into all three of their colors and want to try out every size.


There is also a grey doodle one by Abeego that is quite cute, as well as a multi print color pack by Honeywrap that is great for people who like artsy quirky looking stuff.


Pick out a favorite and give it a try. If you’re not sure which one to go for, I’d give the Bee’s Wrap multi pack a go since it includes a few patterns and sizes. That’s the easiest way to find out what works for you and what doesn’t – trial and error.


I hope you enjoy the bee’s wrap! Let us know what you think & what other tricks you have for cutting back on plastic wrap in the comments below. 🙂


18 thoughts on “Mind Your Own Bee’s Wrap

  1. Reena Davis says:

    I really like this. I’m trying to think of what I would like explained to men and I’m not coming up with anything. Except maybe how insulting it is to be mansplained to when you are the expert!


    • omprojectblog says:

      For environmental reasons, we do need a lot more bees. But if there is a wax demand there will be more bee keepers making and selling, which can be done in a way that keeps the hive alive and thriving as you take wax and honey. We need fewer chemicals in the environment to help all insects stay alive. It’s easy to want to kill pests, but unfortunately pesticides don’t discriminate the good bugs from the bad bugs. Buying organic makes a big difference.

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  2. buffster666 says:

    I only discovered this a few days ago, and I’m planning on moving in with my OH in the coming months. We’re planning on buying a batch of this and making the switch over from plastic bags & cling film as I’m getting very concerned about single use plastics.

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