Why You Should Be Drinking More Kombucha

  •      Kombucha, much like yoga and meditation, is somewhat new and trendy only in the West, but it’s history in health goes way, way back in the East. For many centuries people in the East have been brewing up kombucha tea to help keep your body strong, healthy, and energized.
  •      DIY kombucha brewing takes a little effort, but nowadays most health food shops like Whole Foods sell bottles of the good stuff in a host of fruity flavors, so it’s easy to get your hands on. The kombucha-1074594_960_720kombucha itself is very tangy and fizzy. It might take a bottle or two before you adjust to enjoying the tart flavor, but once you do it’s delicious. It’s a fermented drink and the fermentation process creates refreshing natural carbonation that can be a very healthy kind of addictive. Like soda, except great for you.
  •      Keep your eyes open for excess sugar on the label, some brands may try to trick you, same goes for coconut water. The pure stuff is unpasteurized and low in sugar although it does have some. The kombucha cultures are actually fed sugar and release good bacteria as a result. It might sound strange but that bacteria from the kombucha will actually help combat bad bacteria in your gut. This probiotic is also found in yogurt and it can help your whole system be cleansed of harmful invaders in your gut that may cause mood swings, fatigue, candida, bloating, stomach ulcers… a whole bunch of junk.
  •      Kombucha can also detoxify the liver and kidneys, and has anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidants, and many B vitamins including B12, which especially vegans tend to be deficient in.
  •      This can be helpful for cancer prevention, fighting diabetes, maitaining a healthy heart and lungs, improving mood and memory, and general wellness. For those of you with diabetes, be sure to double check the label and make sure it is a trusted brand that did not just throw a bunch of corn syrup in there, and start with a small amount to see how you respond to it safely. It’s great to see these kinds of things at convenience stores, but you have to be careful. There is oj from oj.
  • Synergy is my favorite brand right now. I think of it as a treat and have one on special days for extra energy.
  •      DIY kombucha is a kind of like making your own sour dough. It’s a little tricky and you have to work with a live culture that you brew for a few days. But the benefit is each71kzII3e5zL._SL1500_ scoby or culture is cheap, like $10 bucks to ship to your home or you can get a kombucha brewing kit that explains how to do everything in detail for under $50. 41+H37Q13DL._SL250_You add it to a big vat of black tea and sugar and leave it to ferment for a few days. You can make a large batch with each one and then keep it going as each “mother” grows a “baby” on top of it that will stay active for a couple months if stored in kombucha. In this way you can have endless kombucha if you keep it going with fresh tea and sugar that it lives on.
  •      My experience was ok with this. Mine didn’t get quite as fizzy as the bottles which I love, maybe there is a trick to it, also the floating kombucha looks like a weird goopy mushroom floating in dark water so it’s generally a weird thing to have hanging around. Sprouts growing are cute, but kombucha growing is not for mixed company. I’m all for it if you want to try it, but that’s why I just get a bottle when the mood strikes. It’s weird looking and kind of a hassle, but if you enjoy it then it’s an awesome way to save money if you become a kombucha freak like me.
  •      My back up “ghetto kombucha” is 2 tblspoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water with a tiny bit of honey or fruit juice. It has a very similar probiotic clensing nature to it when I’m craving a quick detox drink and can’t or don’t want to run to the store, although kombucha really is so much better. I absolutely love it.
Have you tried it? Are you hooked? Let us know what you think. 🙂

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