Date Me: The Health Benefits of Dates

  •      Dates are a great snack. If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, dates are here to help. Sticky, chewy, and oh so sweet, it’s amazing they are still a health food for how good they taste. Why do people even eat candy?! Their sweetness is a great pick me up snack for post workout or the afternoon lull without all of the dramatic harmfulness of refined white sugar.  The sugar in dates like all fruits, in addition to being all natural, hide a ton of nutrients. So you are doing yourself a huge favor with each
  •      There are a ton of different date varieties, much like apples, that all grow in giant bunches on date palms and are then harvested and dried. Fossil records show that date palms have been around for the past 50 million years and the dates where at one time regularly made into date wine by Ancient Egyptians. When people talk about dates today, they typically are referring to the dried form, which squish up and become very sweet like the raisin does after it’s gape stage.fresh-1481071_1280.jpg
  •  Dates contain an abundance of fiber, which is great for clearing toxic build up in your body especially the digestive tract. They help with both diarrhea and constipation, making your system run smoothly. It’s not just an awkward discomfort as this can help reduce the chance of colon cancer.
  • date-palm-223251_1280
  •      Dates are also an iron rich food. This is great for people who suffer from anemia, most women do at least once a month from menstruation, which is what causes a number of PMS symptoms. Iron is needed to keep you blood strong and pumping in high levels which brings other nutrients and oxygen to all parts of your body and make it run properly. Not enough means fatigue, brain fog, and moodiness. But some people male and female have to treat anemia all the time. It’s quite common on the low level, which is easy enough to treat if you are conscious of eating the right iron rich foods like kale, lentils, and dates.
  •       Dates also contain a number of minerals and nutrients like potassium, boron, cobalt, copper, flourine, magnesium, manganese, selenium, zinc, and many more vitamins which support healthy bones and fight osteoporosis as well as help protect your eyes. This means they are they are 2 times as great for the elderly in maintaining a well functioning body.
  •     jujube-931583_960_720 Most dates conventionally sold are dried for convenience and shelf life and can be packed in a purse or gym bag to take with you for snacking for a few days which is very hella convenient. They go well mixed into granola just like raisins or chopped on healthy cereal and oatmeal with fruits to sweeten it up.
  •      Blended with a splash of water they turn into a caramel like sauce that can be food-853751_1280drizzled on healthy banana pancakes or whole grain toast and nut butter. This sauce is also a great sugar substitute in baked goods, especially chocolate brownies made with real cacao and a whole grains like oat or quinoa flour transforming your treats into power foods without tasting like cardboard.
  •       Majool dates seem to be people’s favorite because they are a little more meaty and sweet than most. If you find yourself with some dates that are too dry, like Asian red dates, soak them for an hour in warm water and then blend them into your recipes. This will help release the sweet flavor.
What do you think of dates? What’s your favorite recipe with them? Let us know in the comments below. ❤
Oh, and happy V-day, guys! Take your date out for some dates, and if you don’t have a date then take yourself out for some dates. Everyone should be dating. 😉

21 thoughts on “Date Me: The Health Benefits of Dates

  1. Mia Love says:

    Possibly note worthy… My mother sent me a dried fruit plate at the holidays last year. I had never recieved a gift like this and was thrilled to see all the different fruits in the gift pack all arranged beautifully! The dates of course had a pip in the centers and for some reason I started tossing them in one of the pots of soil I used for house herbs and perhaps some garlic that had decided to grow, lol.
    Dang it if those dates didn’t come to life almost every single one of them and had the CAT not gone on a destroy mission, all would still be with me as I am still growing these date palms today!

    Liked by 1 person

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