What The Heck Is Oil Pulling?

I fist learned how to oil pull about a year ago even though I’d heard the phrase much, much earlier than that. For some reason it sounded strange, technical, and maybe expensive like something you’d read about in Goop and only do at a high end zen spa. It’s actually not that technical and strange and, just like the name implies, you just need a little common kitchen oil.

All you’re really doing when you oil pull is taking about a teapoon of oil (coconut oil is popular but olive oil works too) and either massaging it on your skin or swishing it around in your mouth. Nothing hyper fancy, no funny tools, it’s pretty hard to eff it up.
   Micro dirt and cell particles get sucked up into the oil as you rub it over your skin for maybe 3-5 mins or so, and blood massages up to the surface to help circulate any dead aging gunk away. This is oddly great for fighting acne. You’d think the oil would clog and make it worse, but it actually lifts acne casing gunk away and flushes the skin. You’ll turn blushing red after a minute of massaging. Just use a mild soap and warm water to wash off excess oil when you’re done. It’s slightly moisturizing, but not oily once you clean it off. Give it a week or two and you’ll see some great results.
Like I mentioned people also oil pull in their mouth. It’s also slightly odd at first and then really easy and useful. In addition to regular brushing, once in a while taking a swig of olive oil and swishing it around for five mins collects so much micro gunk. I actually prefer it to a tongue scrapper for lifting germs off, especially wedged in between the taste buds of the back part of your tongue. It’s like dentist clean for how fresh it feels.
   I’m a fan for both skin and mouth (in addition to regular toothpaste) and it just takes a few minutes of time. It’s also a great trick to know if you forget your tooth brush on a camping trip. Been there. 😛
  • Have you tried this before? Let us know what you think!
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3 thoughts on “What The Heck Is Oil Pulling?

  1. Nicki says:

    I’m equal parts “ugh” and “ooh!” with this. I hadn’t heard of the term used for when you’re applying it to your skin, nor with olive oil. I think I’ll start there.

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