Astragalus Tea for Butt-Kicking Immunity

Cold and flu season are a killer. I used to spend most of the winter in bed, not just to stay cozy and warm, but because I’d get cold, after cold, after cold. I’d just barely recover from one and then the next would hit, wiping me out completely.

flower-3157393_1280.jpgOn a whim, my family looked into Chinese medicine. We tried to form some kind of understanding with a tiny man in China Town that could barely speak English, but did it so enthusiastically. His room full of drawers that hid tiny herbs and many strange looking things that smelled very weird.

After lots of fake coughing, pointing and nodding we were handed the Astragalus root. Cooked on the stove top, we placed the strips of Astragalus in a pot to boil for about 20 mins. The tea was then handed off to me. I very much did not enjoy it and was not sure it would work, but week after week it made me feel just a little stronger until the colds stopped happening. I started to feel energized.

lemon-1617434_1280.jpgOver time I learned to add seasonings to the tea that made it enjoyable. My favorite is plenty of lemon with slices of ginger, which is great for the immunity too. Mint, cinnamon, ginger and other tea bags are all options for masking the flavor if you don’t like it. I’ve come to enjoy it by now though. It’s funny how taste buds develop a comfort over time with a new strange flavor.

You can purchase Astragalus in pill supplements or in powdered form to make your own tea mix if you prefer it that way, but I feel like the strips are the most potent and have worked for me very well. In addition to helping your immunity, it is said to help fight cancer, inflammation, and diabetes.

Get it here.


In addition to this tea, make sure you eat plenty of garlic. Just crush a little into your soups and between the two your body should stay strong and healthy.

Oh, and wear a hat! 🙂

Have you tried Astragalus before? What are your favorite cold fighters?

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