Egg White Face Mask

This an easy do-it-yourself face mask that uses a very simple house hold ingredients to give you spa quality results at a fraction of a fraction of the price (not a typo).

All you do is crack an egg and separate out the whites. You can save the yolk and eat it later if you like. Put in in a small bowl and give it a whisk. You can also choose to add a tiny bit of plain Greek yogurt here which has cleansing probiotic qualities to it that work on the skin surface in addition to your gut.


After a good whisking the egg whites will be a little creamy and frothy.  They don’t need it to look like whipped meringue, but should be white instead of clear. Take the mixture over a sink and paint it onto your face using your finger tips avoiding the eyes and mouth.

You just want to give it a good coating all over and then leave it to dry for about 15 mins. You can do something else with it on or just relax. After some time, it will begin to dry very tightly and pull at the skin like a kind of pore strip. This helps lift up excess dead skin cells, gunk, and black heads which helps fighting acne and wrinkles.

Once it’s good and dry go ahead and wash it off with warm water and a soft cleanser. Baking soda is actually a great natural micro-exfoliant you can use if you like. Your skin should feel fresher, tighter, and smoother. I always have amazing results with this mask and do recommend it. I do also recommend not being around anyone that makes you laugh while you have it on though. It pulls your skin so tight that laughing is actually painful and it’s easy to laugh at how silly your face looks when it dries on there. It looks like strange glue skin, but gives great results after it’s washed off.

Feel free to play with adding a drop or two of any essential oils you enjoy to make it more aromatic or healing. Start at the beginning and then play around with what works best for you.

Let us know what you think in the comments below! 💗

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