Movie Night: Bag It

This is a new watch for me, even though the movie came out in 2010. Although I try to pay attention to what is the greener way to live, I was surprised by a bunch of things in this film and firmly feel it is a must watch for everyone. The movie is about how dependent on plastic we are as a culture and the negative consequences of that. Even today, so many years after the movie came out and this info was floating around, I was shocked. I’ve seen many people talk about ditching plastic bags over the years and not drinking from plastic water bottles, but this really exposed so much of how almost everything we do, consume, and live with is laced with plastic – and why that’s a bad thing.


Bag It is a low-budget but well done documentary that follows one guy around as he notices how much plastic he lives with and then finds scientists who explain how it only kind of breaks down and what it does to our bodies and environment.

Up until watching this I did not know most to go coffee cups have a plastic layer in them. I’ve seen countless images of turtles with straws up their nose that bum me out, but not so much talk about how plastic might alter us internally and render us infertile and F with our genetic composition. I don’t see much in the way of cancer research non-profits recommending people to remove the plastic and toxins from their daily lives. Why is that?animal-89206_1280

Plastic is petroleum-based, so oil companies are making an actual killing by selling endless plastic $h*t to all of us non-stop. Honestly, some plastic is great and helpful, but we don’t need to have every single freaking thing be made of plastic in light of knowing what it does to the planet and us.

Watch the movie, and then start noticing it too. Once you do, don’t get overwhelmed. I had that “oh god I’m a terrible person feeling” for every plastic thing I own or want to buy, but let it go. You start by noticing, then change slowly product by product and habit by habit and then let other people know what is working and what isn’t. I now know to look for the root beer in the glass bottle instead of the plastic when I’m in the mood for a treat and that’s a major mindset shift for me that I celebrate even though I’m not perfectly plastic free yet.clothes-hangers-582212_1280

The little things matter. Start with a reusable water bottle and reusable grocery bags then move on to replacing this and that over time with wood things, paper things, metal and glass things or at least plastic things that are used way more than once. Just try to be better most of the time.  I think I’m pleased with how to have a greener period, but I’m still on the hunt for a zero waste deodorant that I actually enjoy, even though I’m happy to have found one that is all natural that works. It’s a process for all of us and it’s slow and there are many factors to balance.

I’ll be adding new items to the shop and writing about new finds as I go, like bees wrap, paper straws and so on, so don’t hesitate to share what you’re excited about lately because I really do want to know.straws-8001_1280

One thing I’ve learned is that it is usually awkward at first and then once it’s a habit after about a month it becomes the new normal, so don’t be discouraged if trying a greener way feels strange at first. Just give it time and try all kinds of stuff out. clothes-peg-3361351_1280.jpg

I’m still adjusting to trying to use the bulk bins or buy in bulk that comes in cardboard or glass since most plastic is not actually recyclable. I wish it was, but since it’s not, I’m just trying to be a little more conscious while still being budget friendly and also still enjoying the stuff I love that makes life easy. Awareness is phase one. Action is phase two.

Let us know what plastic free shifts have worked for you in the comments below! I’d love to try some of them out myself. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Movie Night: Bag It

  1. thehealingcenterbeverly says:

    I am definitely going to have to check that documentary out! When grocery shopping, I don’t use a bag for any produce I buy (those thin ones they offer) and I try not to buy too much that has plastic packaging to begin with. We’ve recently bought stainless steel straws to use at home, and to take with us when we’re out at a restaurant or getting coffee/tea.

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  2. tinytearstoni says:

    I’ve been using tote bags for a few years for when I’m out and about, and for food shopping, and mesh, reusable, washable bags for when I buy fruit and veg. You can store the veg etc in the bags also to keep fresh for longer. Got them off Amazon. Here’s to a plastic free world soon!.

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  3. dalg says:

    You can buy metal drinking straws that come with a little brush to clean them. My wife always drinks with a straw as she’s got sensitive teeth, but she was feeling guilty about using plastic, so rather than get paper ones and generate more waste, I got her a pack of metal ones.
    She loves them.

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  4. JOY journal says:

    I like to buy kitchen utensils at thrift stores whenever I can. The old stuff is never made of plastic and is built like a tank. My kids will probably be fighting over them some day. 🙂 Thanks for bringing my attention to this work.

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