A Tiny Way To Help Sleepy Bees

Bees a buzzing are a summer staple. While we may scream in fright of getting stung when they are near by, it would be much more scary to live in a world without them. The lovely little honey bee runs around flying from flower to flower collecting nectar and spreading pollen. This pollinates the tree or plant and makes it so it can produce food. Without bees all the beautiful fruits and veggies we love can’t grow.


Many things are causing a decline in the bee population, the number one being pesticides. So buy organic when and where you can, for them and for us. Check your local farm to find out if they are pesticide free even if they haven’t met the official organic certification approval for packaging.

Another tiny problem bees face is flying so far away from home in search of flowers that they exhaust themselves and can’t make it back. Have you ever seen a “sleepy” bee. Very clearly alive, it looks like it’s just taking a little nap in the driveway.

pexels-photo-458967That little guy actually needs some nectar to boost it’s energy and fly back home. You probably don’t have any nectar hanging around the house, but most of us have some sugar. Just mix a bit of sugar with water and put it on a spoon right next to the little guy and he’ll make his way over, drink it up, and hopefully be energized enough to fly off and get back to work.

Being conscious of the bees needs is a great way to say thank you for all their awesome work and delicious honey. So get your spoons ready and while you’re at it, why not plant a bee friendly flower garden. That’s another win-win for bees and humans since the flowers are so beautiful to look at.

What’s your favorite bee friendly flower?

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