Kelp Noodles Will Save The World

I always get excited to try new foods, especially when they are in noodle form. Kelp noodles, like the name should imply, are made from the giant kelp plants growing in the ocean. They are actually frequently called kelp forests because the grow so thick and dense. They are wonderful for the ocean and the planet, because just like regular forests on land, they absorb CO2. They need it just as much as we need oxygen. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but we have wayyy too much CO2 in the air and now in the sea as well which is causing climate change and ocean acidification which has a whole domino effect of problems along our collective food chain and habitat. (Don’t forget we are animals too!) Mud slides from crazy rains or forest fires from droughts impact us just as much as forest dwelling bears. Changing temps make crrraaazzzaaayy things start happening. So, anything we can do to help slow CO2’s roll is a major win.

SO basically eat kelp noodles to save the world. No, seriously.

Meat production is churning out insane amounts of methane gas and CO2 and using up water and resources, actually cutting down the rain forest that would be absorbing the CO2 that we have too much of. The numbers are only getting worse as our global population grows It’s scary, you guys. Kelp noodles are basically the opposite.

seaweed-2360116_1280Kelp feed off of what we are trying to get rid of and take up no resources since they do not need to be watered, they grow right in the ocean. People are even planting kelp intentionally just to try and help fight climate change.


Amazing people have come along and not only made bomb seaweed paper for sushi rolls and seaweed salad, but morphed it into an amazing noodle form that, you guessed it, is wicked healthy for you! It has no calories (you actually need to make sure you eat it with beans or something so you get enough calories for the day) and no carbs. It’s gluten free, mineral rich, and very versatile since it has almost no flavor to it, unlike sushi wrappers.


Kelp noodles cook up really fast. If you’re in a rush just buy a bag of frozen stir fry veggies and some basic teriyaki sauce or whatever Asian style sauce you enjoy and you’re good in under 15 mins. Fresh, home grown and handmade is best, but for lazy days on a budget it’s amazing what you can whip up that tastes incredible and is still good for your body. They would also be amazing with some quickly chopped bok choy and some sliced mushrooms all cooked together as a stir fry or as a soup depending on the weather and your mood.

One thing to be aware of, they are very crunchy when raw. It’s a funny thing, almost like a celery stick without the flavor. You can bite into them and they make a pop sound. You can even cook them for a bit and they stay in the crunchy raw state. My sister was stirring and stirring like crazy for the longest time saying “What in the heck?!” while they didn’t soften one bit. They only soften after you add a touch of salt. I’m not exactly sure what the science is there, but it’s true. Just one splash of salty soy sauce and they instantly wilt into lovely glass noodles that act just the same as their clear rice noodle counter part. They are just way better for you and everyone involved. Vegans, dieters and environmentalists alike need to blow up Instagram with this one. Could you imagine if every American replaced one meat based meal a week with kelp noodles instead…

Feel free to play around with trying raw crunchy noodle salads with these guys and let me know how it goes, so far I’ve only had them in a stir fry and they were incredible. Absolutely loved them. ❤

Get yours here.


Give ’em a try and let us know what you think? What was your favorite way to prepare them? We’d love to know. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Kelp Noodles Will Save The World

  1. 40andfeelinit says:

    These look and sound amazing! I’m a huge fan of seaweed already, the seasoned snacks are a staple in our home. And as a vegan who watched carbs, these are perfect. Can’t wait to try. Thanks for the tips on cooking too!

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