Fun Thing: Colorful Mason Jars

My latest pick-me-up item are these happiness inducing colorful mason jars. You guys already know I’m obsessed with mason jars (like these twinkling solar light mason jars) and all the many, many different ways to use them and feel like you’re on a farm house at all times.


I’m using mine lately to sip on some hot cider tea. It’s a 50/50 mix of water and cider with a tea bag and maybe a cinnamon stick to warm me up and feel alert and cozy without the jitters. On a dreary day the blue color lifts my mood.



But I can’t wait for summer to pick some bright yellow flowers and use these as a vase… maybe I won’t! Why wait for summer to get flowers?? Hashtag do it now.

The color of the vase next to a bright contrast of pink or yellow would be so uplifting in the dead of winter when we need a little lift the most. 🙂


There are also purple and green mason jars out there which look fun, but that blue has really caught my eye. Any of these colors would be a great addition to a greener BBQ or gathering of any kind instead of plastic cups. They aren’t crazy expensive, so festive, and you get to use them again and again. That’s a win-win-win.

Get yours here.


Which color is YOUR favorite?

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