Reasons to Eat Dragon Fruit

What a strange and wonderful thing it is that dragon fruit is on the planet. It’s like a little tropical Pokemon fire ball that you actually get to consume and it’s healthy. A slightly crunchy cross between kiwi and pear, it has a very mild flavor and little black speckled seeds inside. Perhaps ripe off the tree it is strong, but the ones I’ve had were very gentle and pleasant in flavor. A lot of fruit and veg is picked unripe so it wont rot during shipping and that might be true for these guys too. Hopefully I get to find out for sure someday and pick my own fresh one.pexels-photo-216565

Nutritionally, it is a great addition to your life as it is loaded with:

vitamin C

B vitamins

a little protein



and fiber

– just to name a few of it’s benefits!

The vitamin C helps with iron absorption so it is great for anyone battling anemia when eaten with an iron rich food like kale and spinach or lentils and chickpeas. Fruit salad for breakfast and hummus for lunch sounds like excellent medicine to me! 🙂

This is a nice fruit to enjoy solo or even better added to a fruit salad or on top of a  smoothie bowl with nuts and chia seeds sprinkled on top too to add a little visual engagement and variation.

pexels-photo-52577It partners well with just about any other fruit you can think of especially the tropical ones. Grab one at your local Asian market and see what you think.

I love eating things like this in the middle of winter because it makes me feel like I’m somewhere exotic. Like a micro daydream vacation. It’s one of those spark joy things.

I support eating mostly local, but those few items that make you really happy just when you need a pick me up are magical, like dragons themselves.

Give it a try and let us know your favorite dragon fruit recipe is in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Reasons to Eat Dragon Fruit

  1. 40andfeelinit says:

    Love dragonfruit! I love the surprise of cutting it open and seeing either vibrant pink or pure white. I like dragonfruit (I learned it is called “Pitaya” as well!) as a substitute for Acai in Acai bowls from time to time. Your description of the dragonfruit was on point! Made me hungry for one right now,lol.

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