Movie Night: Seaspiracy

Wow, what a bomb drop of a movie this one was. Is it just me or is the news just getting crazier by the year? Well, the info I learned in this one was another omfg layer to all that has been going on in the world.

Fishy AF

The. fishing. industry – woah. I was very unaware. Unaware of the the extent of the shady corruption, mislabeling, environmental destruction, and even slavery. Ugh, my heart felt a ton of weight after learning about some of the stories of abuse. There were some truly painful scenes to watch, not just of dolphins and sharks being murdered, but what humans do to other humans.

I won’t detail everything I learned through the whole movie, but I’d say the number one takeaway is that no one is really talking about how much the fishing industry is contributing to climate change and plastic pollution, much more than we are made to believe. I was vaguely aware of plastic fishing nets breaking free here and there, but to be roughly 50% of the problem is a shock. Also learning that bottom trawling is clearing so much ocean foliage it is worse than deforestation is mind blowing.

Bigger problem than deforestation?

There’s a ton more exposed in the film. I’d call it a must watch. I take everything with a grain of salt, and am willing to listen to more experts, but it showed a very hidden angle. I understand why coming out and saying “Stop eating fish!” is tough, there are a ton of families with smaller boats that I’m sure do follow the rules, and definitely aren’t using slaves. No one wants to see all those small businesses lose their ability to feed themselves and literally stay afloat. Buuuut there’s also a huge problem with not letting people know about this and start asking questions. Like: is it possible to support small fishing companies that maybe use old fashioned non-plastic nets? Is it possible to truly trust that being regulated? I’m thinking about how small farmstands are so different from big agriculture supplied groceries, can we create an honest way to believe in small fishing or green fishing without it just turning into yet another marketing scam? I’d love to see some positive options pop up and cut out the most destructive supply chains.

I’m not personally a big fish eater to begin with, but I do take a krill pill for the kind of omegas you can’t get from walnuts and flax seeds. After watching this I’m switching over to an algae based omega supplement. What will you change in your life? Land based plastic pollution is still a huge issue you can learn more about it in another movie reviewed here: Bag It.

Check out Seaspiracy and let us know what you think in the comments below.


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