Book Club: The Art of Manifesting Your Dream Life

Life is difficult and complicated and challenging. It can also be magical sometimes if you let it. I’ve really struggled over the years to let myself believe in the possibility of great things actually working out for me. It feels like I’m more prepared for life’s gut punch moments if I don’t even dream about the dreams. Can you relate?

Well I’m feeling a bit tired of being stuck in bracing for the worst mode and would really enjoy a good day or two so I’m playing around with this whole manifesting thing more and more. And you know what? I’m actually feeling a lot better about life. Not everything is instantly better, but I feel that feeling of hope and warm goodness right around the corner. And I like it!

So I’m giving myself permission to be optimistic even if I’m wrong in the end, or maybe it’s just not the end yet and it’s a new problem puzzle to celebrate figuring out one way or another…

All that is to say this months book club book is The Art of Manifesting Your Dream Life and it has been an enjoyable read for anyone open to woo woo stuff that might just work and definitely makes you feel a lot better.

Who wants to be cranky gossipy cynic when you can just be… happy?

Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Invite your friends to join in on the discussion too! What was your favorite part? What have you implemented and what is working for you? 💖

This post contains affiliate links to products I sincerely love.

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