Product Review: Carhartt Legging

This is a new find for me and I’m giddy to have them in my life now. Carhartt is an extremely trusted brand for people who do stuff. Construction workers, plumbers, wood workers, farmers all the people that have sh*t to get done and want pants that will consistently be on their team. The traditional Carhartt is thick and can take many a hit, they rarely show wear and tear within the first few years if not much longer. Splinters and thorns are no match for pants like these. These pants were meant for not just walking but walking through a bramble brush with a machete while building a house.

31p3XH0JwSL._SL250_But a lot of the traditional cuts aren’t exactly feminine and I am.  That’s why I am so happy to have discovered their girly line of built tough pants. They are a little more form fitting and stretchy. SO stretchy I felt they deserved a mention here.

The Force Utility Legging has really brought me a ton of joy on cold snowy days when I’m trying to shovel or engage in a light winter sport, get some maple sugaring done, whatever the day calls for. They are my winter get stuff done pants.

They block icy cold wind as well as repel water. These pants can take a hit from a few snowballs like it’s nothing. I would not wear these to snowboard in, but on a cross country ski or a cold weather hike absolutely.  I love how warm and weather resistant they are without the bulkiness of a snow pant. They are extremely stretchy for a work pant. Not stretchy the way a Lululemon pant is which is soft and blankety and great for staying warm in cozy environments or at a yoga class. These Carhartts are really thick to the point of  being slightly stiff and have reinforced knees for very long wear. These guys are built for ladies who like stretchy pants but need to check on the chickens or muck out a stall in the middle of a blizzard. They’re light weight so they’d be great on a trip that includes outdoorsy stuff with iffy weather conditions. I’ll be putting these to good use for at least the next decade.


These puppies have really made me enjoy winter more and I can’t wait to check out their lightweight version of this legging for springy temps next.

Give them a try and let us know what you think in the comments below 🙂

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