Kelp Noodles Will Save The World

I always get excited to try new foods, especially when they are in noodle form. Kelp noodles, like the name should imply, are made from the giant kelp plants growing in the ocean. They are actually frequently called kelp forests because the grow so thick and dense. They are wonderful for the ocean and the … Continue reading Kelp Noodles Will Save The World


Purslane: The Most Delicious Weed

This incredible little beauty called purslane is a wild and underappreciated gem of a plant. Sprouting up on it's own, it is as common as dandelions and also edible and power packed with nutrition. Unlike the dandelion which is quite bitter, purslane is just very mildly tangy and peppery. It's dense rounded leaves add an … Continue reading Purslane: The Most Delicious Weed