F*ck That: Guided Meditation

Sometimes life gets so strange that the only way to respond is to say: “f*ck that!” It’s an expression typically coupled with anger and frustration. Here’s a funny video of a guided meditation finding the zen of saying: “f*ck that.” It’s silly , but also a great reminder of how to just deal with life.

I hope it makes you laugh too. It obviously contains adult language so be conscious of your surroundings when you play it.


Humor is such a magical tool for staying sane and upbeat no matter what life throws at you. How are you getting enough humor in your life? Friends, family, a certain T.V. show? be conscious of what a health tool it really is the next time your find yourself in a tense situation.



You can also check this list of ways to stay calm in moments of chaos.


Namaste :p


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