The Benefits of Chia Seeds

Chia seeds! These are on my top ten healthy foods to know about list. They are power packed, so easy to add to a ton of dishes, and cheap af. Buy a big bag in bulk and sprinkle it on just about anything for a boost.

First of all, yes chia seeds are the same seeds from chia pets, and yes you can sprout them just like the pet hair of your youth for a nice snack. Consuming the seed itself actually dates back way past the eighties to Aztec and Mayan times where the seeds, which come from the desert plant salvia hispanica, were harvested in Mexico for energy. Chai actually means “strength”. The tiny seeds are well named because they do give you strength with all the numerous health benefits packaged inside those itty bitty specks.


The black and white seeds are a great source of Omega 3’s which help fight inflammation and are important for brain health and mood. Apparently it’s got more Omega 3 than salmon in there. Another great thing is it’s readily available to be absorbed into your body, unlike flax seeds that need to be ground up to get at the oils inside. Just toss some in and eat them up. Completely effortless.

They also have a ton of antioxidants (which help fight aging and cancer cell growth), protein, fiber, and even calcium. So, basically, get your spoons homies, these tiny puppies rock.

macro-1285670_960_720One strange and exciting thing about the seeds is that if you cover them in a little water for about ten minutes they form into a very goopy gel. It’s odd, but also kind of cool in a weird science way. A lot of people will choose to add almond milk and coco powder or other flavors and make their own healthy version of pudding. It’s not bad and definitely really good to be eating.

But here it is, my favorite thing about chia seeds: they go with literally everything. Everything. The seeds have almost no flavor to them so unlike other super foods like maca powder or matcha, you can add about a tablespoon or two to just about any meal at any time of day sweet or savory.

healthy-2523816_1280.jpgThey go well on top of a salad, a baked potato, mixed in with muffin or banana bread batter for baking, added to all natural jam, put in yogurt, smoothies, homemade ice cream… you name it. And you can read healthy or comfort food here. Banana ice cream rocks, but you can still add it to naughty stuff too to make it just a little better for you, like pasta or pizza. I do that all the time. Its called balance my friends. Try it out. I’ve got a toast with peanut butter, banana, and chia seed morning habit going right now that I love.

Never tried them? Get yours here.


What do you think? Have you had them before? What’s your favorite way to eat them? Let us know in the comments below.

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